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Sugar Free! - Diabetic friendly, sugar free products
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Sugar Free Life providing low carb, low Gi food, sugar free and diabetic food for lowcarb lifestyle and diet

One of the UK's best loved and largest independent on-line and mail order specialist food stores stocking goodies that are Sugar Free, No Added Sugar, Low Sugar, naturally Low Gi (glycaemic index), Low Carbohydrate, Reduced Carb & Zero Carb.

All of our diabetic friendly, sugar free products including manufacturers like Carbolite, CarboPhobia, Balance, Sweet n' Low, Vivil, Stella, Special Recipe, Skai, BelArte, Activa, Colac, Celtic, Go Lightly, Heilemann, Halter, Halls, Holex, Atkins, Go Lower, Prodia, Jelly Belly, Simpkins, Cavalier and Chupa Chups have little or no impact on blood sugar, are less likely to cause cravings/mood swings, and so are perfect for weight control whichever low carb diet, high protein diet, low gi diet or other weight loss plan or lifestyle you choose!

ALL of our products are safe for people with diabetes (our diabetic gifts are great), perfect for low-carb diets such as Dr Atkins, low Gi diet (no sugar and very little carbohydrate so naturally low Gi products), ideal for children over 3 years of age, and a must for the health conscious looking to reduce their sugar intake! (Click for more information)

Why Sugar Free?

Since 1972, the Atkins diet, created by Dr Robert Atkins, has been questionning traditional dieting methods, stating that good carbs, high protein is the way to rid the body of cravings and excess fat - providing a healthy easy way of eating for life! Today, over 17 million are said to have tried the Atkins Diet and other reduced/low carb & low GI diets. Also, many medical professionals we speak to are advising that good carbs and low fat is a healthy way of eating for their patients to lose weight and maintain weight loss for life... Low Carb is the New Low Fat!!!!

There are currently over 1.1 million people with diabetes under medical supervision in the UK and many others that are not even aware of their symptoms! Our habits and lifestyles dictate that we MUST control our intake of sugar to ensure optimum levels of insulin in the blood or our health could suffer. This often means cutting out family favourites such as cakes, crisps, chocolate and sweets... Sugar Free, means people with diabetes are no longer isolated, they too can endulge!

The level of obesity and diabetes in UK teenagers is at an all time high following US trends. It is time to educate the next generation of a better way forward, no matter what their age... Sugar Free is the ultimate answer - kind to teeth and waistbands and doesn't effect energy levels or mood swings!

Sugar addiction can be just as fatal as any other addiction, weight gain can be as dangerous to your health as smoking or drinking. With this in mind, many healthy, slim, fit people choose to stay that way by cutting out, or restricting their sugar intake.

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